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ICE CREAM Ice Cream FDL 100ml

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ICE CREAM Ice Cream FDL Phytocosmetic Anti-inflammatory

Ice Cream when to use it

Ice Cream is an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, vasotonic phytocosmetic with an ice-effect action.

Trauma and osteoarticular inflammation can seriously undermine the performance of even the simplest daily activities. Far from being common only to sportsmen or those who carry out work that wears out the joints, they are also widespread in the rest of the population. Furthermore, the pain due to an inflammatory state can be very strong and persistent , reducing the quality of our life.

This is why it is good to face the chest problem. Also in this case FDL La Farmaceutica del dr. Levi meets us with an incredibly effective natural product. It is ICECREAM gel , a phytocomplex that acts as an anti-inflammatory, painkiller and vasotonic , and exerts an ice-effect action , thanks to its highly effective 100% natural components.

But let's see what ICECREAM contains

Primarily the mountain arnica , a highly anti-inflammatory substance for topical use (used in traumatology in case of post-traumatic edema, pain, rheumatic joint disorders and effusions); then menthol , a powerful vasoconstrictor, refreshing and analgesic; the witch hazel virginiana , soothing and refreshing; and finally methyl salicylate .

FDL has created an excellent gel to buffer edema and relieve pain caused by trauma, bruises and effusions . Fantastic for sportsmen, but ideal for everyone. And, of course, 100% natural.

Entrust your well-being to nature!


FOR SPORT: Ideal for trauma, osteoarticular inflammation and as a pain reliever; particularly suitable for joint sprains and sports injuries, both muscular and osteoarticular.

How to use

In case of trauma, apply the product 2 or 3 times a day with a light massage. It can be used after shock wave, ultrasound or infiltration therapy.


Ice Cream Ice effect cream is sold in 100 ml tube.