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Igeakos Sin 29 Alfaom Drops 50ml

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Sin 29


IGEAKOS SIN® 29 Gocce is a homeopathic remedy with anti-inflammatory, mucosaprotective, vasoprotective and anti-haemorrhagic action. Indicated in case of psoriasis.

IGEAKOS SIN® Line is characterized by complex and compound homeopathic medicines, characterized by symptomatic and preventive action of complications, indicated for quickly resolving the symptoms of acute and chronic pathologies.

The particular formulation of each SIN® preparation provides multiple remedies in such a way as to cover all the possible ways of explication of a pathological alteration and at the same time also take into consideration the anatomical and functional etiology of the symptoms: each remedy contained is supported and completed in the his action thanks to the presence of others. All remedies are synergistically enhanced with each other so that the overall effect is greater than the sum of the effects of the individuals.

In addition to the symptoms, SIN® remedies also take into account the consequences of intoxication and organic damage as they protect cells and support organs.

SIN® remedies do not give manifestations of “acute” symptoms thanks to the meristem derivatives.

Formulated with:

• Secale cereale 4 DH, Platanus orientalis 4 DH and Cedrus libani 4 DH: electives in case of psoriasis and psoriasiform dermatosis with dry and keratotic skin.

• Nerium oleander 6 DH and Urtica urens 6 DH: indicated in case of psoriasis and eczema with itching, scabs and localized behind the ears or on the scalp.
• Cedrus libani 4 DH: useful in case of keratotic, itchy, lichenified dermatoses, palmar-plantar dyshidrosis, actinic or hydrocarbon keratoses, arsenicals, etc. and chronic intoxication syndrome with skin changes.
• Cicuta virosa 12 DH: useful in dermatoses without itching localized on the face and with scabs.
• Thuja occidentalis 6 DH: indicated in the hypersensitivity of the skin to the touch, with paresthesia, tingling and itching and burning sensation.
• Uncaria tom. 6-9-12-15 DH: anti-inflammatory action useful in acute and chronic infections and inflammations.
• Luesinum 10 DH, Medorrhinum 12 DH and Vaccinotoxinum 10 DH: nosodes with detoxifying action useful in skin rashes with blisters.

• Lac vaccinum 8 DH: useful nosode in skin manifestations of intolerability to milk.
• Piruvicum acidum 6 DH: biocatalyst of the Krebs cycle and redox systems, improves cellular respiration compromised in the impregnation phases.
• Graphites 8 DH, almost pure carbon: lithotherapy with stimulating action on venous and lymphatic drainage, it is indicated in oozing eczematous eruptions, hypertrophic and keloid scars

• Argentum nativum 8 DH, Aurum nativum 8 DH, Azurite 8 DH, hydrated copper carbonate, and Lazulite 8 DH, basic aluminum and magnesium phosphate: anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity useful in dermatitis.
• Cortico-hypothalamic axis 4 CH, Liver 4 CH, Skin 4 CH, Kidney 4 CH and Adrenal 4 CH: “suis” organotherapy, according to the principles of organotherapy, stimulate the functionality by similarity.

Composition: Argentum nativum 8 DH, Cortico-hypothalamic axis 4 CH, Aurum nativum 8 DH, Azurite 8 DH, Bufo rana 8 DH, Cedrus libani 4 DH, Cicuta virosa 12 DH, Liver 4 CH, Graphites 8 DH, Lac vaccinum 8 DH , Lazulite 8 DH, Luesinum 10 DH, Medorrhinum 12 DH, Nerium oleander 6 DH, Skin 4 CH, Petroleum 6 DH, Piruvicum ac. 6 DH, Platanus orient. 4 DH, Kidney 4 CH, Ribes nigrum 4 DH, Secale cereale 4 DH, Sulfur 6-9-12-15 DH, Adrenal 4 CH, Thuja occ. 6 DH, Uncaria tom. 6-9-12-15 DH, Urtica urens 6 DH in anaparti. 30 vol-% alcohol.

Packaging: 50 ml dropper bottle.