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  • Imo Ist. Med. Homeopathic 4-tube globule dose complex -9%

Imo Ist. Med. Homeopathic 4-tube globule dose complex

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Imo Ist. Med. Homeopathic

Dose complex

In Globules

What is iMO Dose Complex iMO Globules?

Homeopathic medicine without approved therapeutic indications.
Homeopathic remedy specific for the acute phase of pollinosis: specific action on pollinosis and dust allergens.

Preventive and symptomatic treatment of allergic manifestations affecting the respiratory system which modulates the release of mediators.

  • Acute phase: acts on the immune reactive phase, allowing the body to react quickly to aggression.
  • Prophylaxis: prepares the body to respond adequately to contact with allergens, allowing the rebalancing of organic reactivity.

How to use iMO Dose Complex iMO globules?

The blood cells are dissolved slowly under the tongue in the morning on an empty stomach.

For preventive treatment and chronic states: it is recommended to take 1 tube dose per week for prolonged periods.

For the acute phase treatment: it is recommended to take 1/2 tube dose every 4-6 hours until symptoms improve

Duration of treatment with iMO Complex iMO Blood Cell Dose?

The duration of treatment should be commensurate with the severity of the case and the patient's response. If you do not notice any improvement or if it gets worse, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

What does iMO Dose Complex iMO globules contain?

Pollantinum 200 CH, histamine pulmine 200 CH, blatta orientalis 200 CH, Ana 0.33%. Excipients: sucrose.

Format :

4 tubes containing blood cells