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  • Institut Esthederm Adaptasun Lait Corps Soleil Moderé 200ml -43%

Institut Esthederm Adaptasun Lait Corps Soleil Moderé 200ml

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Institut Esthederm



Medium Body Sunscreen

ADAPTASUN LAIT CORPS SOLEIL MODERE optimizes cellular protection and prevents photo-aging thanks to the patented GLOBAL CELLULAR PROTECTION technology. Activates, sublimates and intensifies the complexion of the skin that tans naturally. Light and enveloping texture.


Activates the natural tan for a faster, more intense and lasting result. Prevents photo-aging and dark spots: protects cellular DNA, prevents cell damage thanks to the patented Global Cellular Protection technology. Activates the natural pigmentation process: the tan is luminous, intense and long-lasting.


Sun-tolerant skin, quick tan that doesn't burn easily. Treatment reserved for moderate intensity exposures (summer, medium duration exposure)


Exceptional beauty and tanning quality. The skin adapts more quickly to the sun for a more intense and lasting tan. After use, the skin is soft and velvety.

Format: 200ml tube