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  • 1 Piece Isothermal Blanket

1 Piece Isothermal Blanket

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Isothermal Blanket

To protect against hypothermia or heat stroke.

The isothermal blanket: is a medical device used to contribute to the thermal stabilization of patients, both to maintain heat in case of hypothermia and to reflect it in case of heatstroke.

The drape is used to cover the patient. It is similar in thickness to aluminum foil, but is easy to spread over the patient as it does not tend to create ripples. The blanket is made up of two layers, one silver and one gold: the golden surface can be easily crossed by heat and sunlight, while the silver one tends to reflect them.

In the event of trauma, burns or hypothermia, the silver-colored face is turned towards the patient, so that the blanket has the function of keeping body heat inside.

In case of heatstroke, the silver-colored face is left externally with respect to the patient, so that the internal golden face has the function of facilitating the dispersion of body heat and the silver one to prevent that coming from the outside, especially underneath. form of sunlight, can reach the skin.

Format: 1 piece