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Korrector® Seda Formevet® 160ml

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Korrector® Seda Formevet® Food Supplement For Dogs And Cats

Complementary food for dogs and cats.

Natural relaxing and relaxing action. Recommended for states of anxiety, restlessness, fear, insomnia, agitation and in case of car sickness .

Highly palatable.

For the resolution of behavioral disorders characterized by anxiety and / or agitation: hyperaggressiveness (biting animals, threatening attitudes), excessive fears (fear of noise, people, travel), hyperkinesis ("digging dog", hypergrooming, self-mutilation, destructive chewing ), prolonged and / or excessive vocalizations (meowing, night and day barking), senility disturbances (insomnia, alterations in the reactive state), digestive dyspepsia of nervous origin (flatulence).

How to use

Shake the bottle vigorously and fill according to the recommended doses 1 or more coffee spoons and pour them into the bowl of your dog or cat, mixing them with the food contained in it:

  • Puppy and small dog (1-10 Kg) = 1, two / three times a day;
  • Medium-sized dog (11-25 kg) = 1-1.5, two / three times a day;
  • Large dog (> 25 kg) = 2, two / three times a day;
  • Cat: 1, once / twice a day.


Vitamin pp, vitamin b6, vitamin b2, vitamin e (d, l, a-tocopherol acetate); vitaminh (biotin); zinc (zinc oxide), selenium (sodium selenite), l-lysine, dl methionine, l-tryptophan, taurine, inositol, gaba; it also contains 4: 1 concentrated extract of hops, boldo, lemon balm, chamomile, hawthorn, mint and valerian. support consisting of natural chicken protein hydrolyzate in sunflower oil. to 1,000 ml.


160ml bottle.