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  • Colocynthis 200K Boiron Globuli Dose 1g -40%

Colocynthis 200K Boiron Globuli Dose 1g

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Colocynthis 200K Boiron Homeopathic Medicine

The medicine is useful for treating paroxysmal pains that arise after conflicting situations such as to arouse feelings of indignation from suffered harassment and violent anger.

Citrullus Colocynthis or bitter cucumber is a Mediterranean climbing plant of the Cucurbitaceae family. The mother tincture, prepared starting from the dried pulp of the fruit, contains: cucurbitacins, also present in Bryonia, and elaterine, substances with a purgative action and antitumor properties.

Main indications

Colocynthis has a spasmolytic action on smooth muscles and is therefore indicated in the digestive system to treat crampoid epigastric pain, hepatic colic, spastic colon disease, painful diarrhea with tenesmus; at the level of the urinary tract for renal colic, especially those on the left; at the level of the genital tract for dysmenorrhea and cramp-like menstrual pains. It is also indicated for treating neuralgia, especially facial, unbearable and paroxysmal ones, which shake the patient up to make him cry, and for sciatic or crural pains characterized by stabbing and lightning pains along the course of the nerve, accompanied by a feeling of numbness .

Psychological characteristics of the patient

The subject is impatient and easily irritated. It suffers negative effects from anger, indignation, excitement.

Characteristic symptoms and modalities

Violent, crampoid, paroxysmal or dense pains, discontinuous but unbearable that do not give respite to the patient. Sometimes an impression of constriction as if from an "iron grip".
Worsening: with anger or indignation, after a wrong suffered, with rest.
Improvement: with heat, with movement, with strong pressure on the painful area, bending double or flexing the trunk on the pelvis or bending one part of a limb over the other.


Tube with blood cells, dose 1g.