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  • Large Edible Sea Salt Lotus Flower 1Kg -18%

Large Edible Sea Salt Lotus Flower 1Kg

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Large Edible Sea Salt Lotus Flower - from the Atlantic Ocean

Sea salt from the Atlantic coast, dried, ground.

It appears naturally with a color tending to light gray , it is not washed, treated or refined. It does not contain additives and anti-caking agents. In this way, all the characteristics of the salt from the open sea are preserved, in particular the presence of trace elements.

The color shade of the salt depends on various factors (climate and temperatures of the harvest year, presence of algae, concentration of mineral salts) and therefore may vary slightly from batch to batch


Any allergens present in the product are indicated on the labels which are continuously updated. The detailed list is communicated at the request of the customer as they may vary.


Atlantic sea salt.

Sodium chloride > 95 g
Magnesium 0.10 g +/- 0.09
of which sodium 35 g
Magnesium 142.4 mg (47.3% * RDA - * RDA 300 mg)
Football 231 mg (28.8% * RDA - * RDA 800 mg)
Iodine 58 µg (38.6% * RDA - * RDA 150 µg)
* RDA = Recommended ration per day


Pack of 1 Kg.