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  • Lavonase 12 Bags Of 250ml + 12 Nasal Irrigation Devices -15%

Lavonase 12 Bags Of 250ml + 12 Nasal Irrigation Devices

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Lavonase bags what are they for?


Indications for use of Lavonase sacche

This product is purely designed to be used in the following circumstances:
- for the mechanical removal of pathological secretions, crusts, powders, allergens or pollution products, which contribute, together with the edema of the mucous membranes, to obstruct the upper airways, with consequent difficulty in breathing;
- to perform a function of thermal stimulation, disinfection and hydration of the nasal mucous membranes, as well as to promote regulation of the nasal cycle;
- as a vehicle for medicinal substances such as: mucolytics, balsamic, anti-inflammatory, antihistamines, antibiotics or thermal, sulphurous or salsoiodic waters;
- in prevention, since the constant use of washing the nasal cavities contributes to maintaining the mucous membranes and its structures in optimal anatomical-physiological conditions for correct functioning.

How is Lavonase sacche used?

In a very simple way, just heat the solution to 35-40 ° C, immerse the bag in hot water in the bathroom sink and check the temperature by placing the bag in contact with your face and that's it.

Characteristics of Lavonase sacche
Lavonase sacche is a disposable sterile device that produces a mechanical cleaning and hydration action of the nasal cavities.

How to store Lavonase bags?

This product should be stored in a cool place away from sources of heat and humidity, keep out of the reach of children, the product is sold in packs of 12 bags of 250 ml each.