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Leukopor BSN 500x1.25cm

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Leukopor BSN patch on spool for sensitive skin

Leukopor on spool is the classic patch on spool made of non-woven fabric (TNT), ideal for applying on very sensitive or easily irritated skin.


Leukopor is a malleable, natural white patch with a polyacrylate adhesive. Its support is made of polyester and viscose non-woven fabric (TNT). The Leukopor patch boasts water repellent properties and is impermeable to water vapor. It is an extremely soft patch, thanks to its composition. The patch is ideal for fixing long-lasting dressings, electrode-based or other types of dressings.


Leukopor is chemically inert to plastics and rubber and is permeable to air and water vapor. It is extremely adherent both in the initial phase of the dressing and later on. Thanks to its properties it has a high probability of being tolerated and endured by the skin. It is easily removed without pain and without leaving residues. It tears easily with the help of your hands. Radiolucent. Perfect adhesion even in the most difficult contours.

How to use

Cut the strip of patch you need and apply it to the affected area of the body.


500 x 125 cm.