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  • Master-Aid® Forte Med® Resistant Plasters Pad With Disinfectant Large Format 78x26mm 10 Strip -65%

Master-Aid® Forte Med® Resistant Plasters Pad With Disinfectant Large Format 78x26mm 10 Strip

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Forte Med®

Resistant Swab Patches With Disinfectant

Forte Med guarantees high protection of the wound from external agents (dirt, bacteria) thanks to a particularly resistant support. Forte Med thanks to the microperforation allows the transpiration of the skin avoiding maceration processes. Forte Med has a central buffer containing 0.5% chlorhexidine digluconate, a bactericidal substance with a high spectrum of action. Forte Med is equipped with a hypoallergenic adhesive particularly suitable for even the most sensitive skin.


Support in polyethylene film. Water Resistant: resistance to "accidental" contact with water.


Pad gauze in non-woven fabric, with micro-perforated non-stick film. The gauze contains 0.5% chlorhexidine digluconate with antibacterial activity. Rounded corners to improve conformability to the wound.


Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive (hot melt adhesive with pressure activated adhesive properties). High adhesiveness. Hypoallergenic. Solvent free. Latex free.


Single in sealed bags enclosed in a tamper-evident case for greater consumer protection. Case with hanger to facilitate exposure. To facilitate the choice of the most suitable format, the shape of the patch is shown in 1: 1 scale on the back of the boxes.

The product is a medical device belonging to class III according to directive 93/42 / EEC.

Natural rubber latex-free glue

Available in formats (EAN Code - Format - Content):

  • 8032956140266 - LARGE 78x26 mm - 10 Strip
  • 8032956140273 - MEDIUM 78x20 mm - 20 Strip
  • 8032956140280 - 2 Sizes 78x20 / 78x26 mm - 20 Strip
  • 8032956140297 - 5 Sizes 78x20 / 78x26 / ø25 / 38x38 / 45x12.7 mm - 40 Strip
  • 8032956141874 - MEDIUM 78x20 mm - 100 Strip
  • 8032956141881 - LARGE 78x26 mm - 100 Strip


Large 78x20mm 20 Strip