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  • Melanidin Plus GDItalia 50ml -15%

Melanidin Plus GDItalia 50ml

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Melanidin Plus GDItalia Eupigmenting Cream

Useful cream in case of

  • Vitiligo, masks achromic patches; allows to stimulate the synthesis of hazelanine; counteracts the oxidative damage to melanocytes (which is one of the main causes of the disease);
  • Hypopigmentation of different nature, to limit the aesthetic damage as in idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis and in the outcomes of pytiriasis versicolor;
  • Healthy skin, to support and prolong the tan.

Cosmetic product that comes from an association of molecules with self-pigmenting activity capable of stimulating and reproducing the natural color of our skin, protecting it from the risks of ultraviolet rays and promoting proper hydration. The "self-pigmenting" substances do not in any way influence the process of synthesis and distribution of melanin in human skin, but only simulate the color of the natural pigmentation. In other words, the pigmentation obtained with the "self-tanners" does not correspond to an increase in melanin in the skin, but to an external color that derives from the reaction of DHA and Erythrulose with the superficial layer of the skin. Another goal is to defend the skin from free radicals where melanin is absent. This defense can be obtained with the use of specific antioxidant products (such as Oenothera oil containing polyunsaturated fatty acids of the ω 6 series, vitamin E and citrus bioflavonoids) as well as suitable sunscreens.
Tested to ensure maximum tolerability for nickel sensitive subjects (nickel less than 0.001%).

How to use

It is advisable to apply the product morning and evening, with a light massage until completely absorbed, after having washed and dried the affected area. After application, wash your hands thoroughly to avoid the appearance of sulledita coloring. To obtain the best results from an aesthetic point of view, avoid application near eyebrows and hair and in areas where there are abrasions or scars. The product can be used every day to obtain the desired complexion and maintain it over time. The pseudo-pigmentation appears 4-5 hours after application, in some cases even more quickly, and lasts an average of 3-4 days, being eliminated with the physiological desquamation of the skin.
In vitiligo and hypopigmentation: it is recommended to start the application at least 2-3 days before exposure to the sun or UV rays. The treatment can be continued at will to prolong the aesthetic result obtained. The product can also be applied during phototherapy treatment: in this case, for an optimal result, consult your dermatologist. To use small quantities of cream, replace the closing cap with the special reducer-cannula, screwing it fully until it clicks.


DHA (dihydroxyacetone) 4.0%; erythrulose 1.0%; oenothera oil (ω6) 0.3%; vitamin Eacetate 0.1%; citrus bioflavonoids 0.03%; aloe 0.1%; SPF UVB 8 filters; FP UVA 6.


50 ml tube.