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Micro-Fine 8mm Bd 100 Pieces

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Micro-Fine 8mm Bd Pen Needles

They are designed to ensure effective and reliable subcutaneous administration of insulin

The needles are compatible with all insulin pens on the market. They are also compatible with the Forsteo Osteoporosis and Humatrope Pen 3 Growth Hormone devices

To ensure maximum patient comfort, each needle is produced with the most advanced technologies: the triple sharpening reduces the pressure required to insert the needle tip into the skin; exclusive lubrication reduces resistance to needle penetration; the special smoothing treatment guarantees an ideal sharpening and removes any metallic residue, allowing the needle to penetrate more easily; Thin Wall technology: the needle has a larger internal diameter, which results in a better insulin flow capacity and a reduction in the penetration force;

How to use

BD Micro-fine Pen Needles are compatible with all diabetes pens currently on the market

The use of a needle of appropriate length and a correct injection technique guarantee an effective subcutaneous injection of insulin, comfortable and safe, minimizing the risk of intramuscular injections.


Pack of 100 pieces