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Moretti Gel Ultrasound 250g

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  • Brand: MORETTI SpA
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Ultrasound gel in pack

The Gel for Ultrasound product is made by the Moretti SpA brand. For more than forty years the company has specialized in the production of quality medical devices.

Indications for use

The article is a gel that is used to perform ultrasound scans and belongs to the category of professional electromedicals. The product is used for short and long term recordings.


The gel is water-soluble, gentle on the skin. It does not irritate, does not grease, does not damage the electrodes and probes with which it comes into contact. Basic product: FDA approved Preservative: according to DM 670-1160B Colorant: according to DM 22-12-967 Bottle: PP-HDPE according to DM 21-3-73 (food use) Shelf life: the products thanks to their formulation are not subject to hydrolysis or oxidation in normal conditions of use. Prolonged aging at temperatures around 70 ° C shows no alteration. The product is available in different packs.


250 g.

Cod. DRV1806 / DRV1807 / DRV1800