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Natur 1 Guna 14 Vaginal Ovules

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Natur 1 Guna - Vaginal Ovules - Homeopathic Medicine

It is an adjuvant treatment in the treatment of inflammation of the cervico-vaginal mucosa; they favor the physiological reparative mechanisms and restore the balance of the cervico-vaginal bacterial flora. Indicated in case of: Leucorrhoea or fluor albus, bacterial, viral, non-specific and allergic vulvo-vaginitis (deodorants, depilatories, soaps, anti-fertilization creams, condoms), from thricomonas, from candida al bicans, from gar dnerella vaginalis, vulvo- postmenopausal and senile atrophic vaginitis (in association with Natur 2), post-actinic vulvo-vaginitis, HPV lesions, warts, herpetic vaginitis.

Formulated with

• Calendula D4: healing and anti-inflammatory action.
• Propolis D4: healing and anti-inflammatory action.
• Vincetoxicum D6: stimulation of the immune defenses.
• Helonias dioica D6: specific remedy for female genital problems, in particular of an inflammatory type.
• Hydrastis D6: anti-inflammatory action on mucous membranes (mucus-purulent, thick, yellowish, stringy secretions); haemostatic in case of menorrhagia and metrorrhagia.
• Kreosotum D4: anti-inflammatory action on the mucosa and on the skin (pruri to vulvar, malodorous fluoride); hemostatic in menorrhagia and metrorrhagia.
• Psorinum D10: nosode of chronic leucorrhoea and decreased ability to react.
• Candida albicans D30: nosode of vaginal mycoses.

How to use

Introduce 1 egg deeply into the vagina in the morning and evening for the first 2 weeks.
Continue with 1 vaginal suppository in the evening.


Calendula D4, Propolis D4, Vincetoxicum D6, Helonias dioica D6, Kreosotum D4, Hydrastis D6, Psorinum D10, Candida albicans D30.


Blister with 14 eggs of 2.0 g. each.