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Natural Benex Herbalist Magentina Cold Gel 50ml

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Natural Benex Cold Gel Magentina Herbal Medicine Ancient Recipe

It gives immediate relief to the legs thanks to its pleasant sensation of freshness and lightness.

The NATURAL BENEX cold gel is formulated to relieve your legs through a sensation of lightness and freshness with an immediate and lasting effect.

Thanks to the quality of the extracts present, it restores energy and vitality. Product suitable for any lifestyle from the most dynamic to the most sedentary. Furthermore, its regenerating effect is ideal after a sporting activity and during a long journey.


The heat, the hyperactive life, a diet rich in salt, can create discomfort in the legs, causing discomfort and limiting activity. This gel contains plant extracts that give immediate relief to the legs, counteracting the discomfort associated with an irregular lifestyle. Indispensable in the hot period, for those who stand a lot, for those who travel, for those who play sports. To restore tone, energy and vitality to the legs

Active principles

  • aloe vera: moisturizing, protects from external agents
  • menthol: refreshing, anesthetic
  • peppermint: refreshing
  • eucalyptus: invigorating
  • centella asiatica: with a tonic action
  • horse chestnut: astringent
  • ginkgo: promotes peripheral microcirculation
  • witch hazel: astringent

Indications for use

To promote absorption and effect, it is recommended to massage the gel on the legs with slow movements from the bottom up, starting from the ankle and ending on the thigh. The application can be repeated as often as necessary

External use


50 ml tube packaging.