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Neo Verucid® Alphrema 5g

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Neo Verucid® Alphrema Gel For Corns And Calluses

Easily, quickly and gently removes corns and calluses.

It has a triple action balanced in a synergistic way.

Salicylic acid accelerates skin peeling, while lactic acid is used in association with salicylic acid because it regulates acidity, creating favorable conditions for the removal of growths from the stratum corneum such as corns and calluses. Finally, the collodion gel acts as a plastic and water-repellent filming base that allows the product to be distributed and to remain adherent to the area affected by skin thickening without using patches.

How to use

Applied once or twice a day after immersing the area to be treated in hot water and rubbing it gently on the surface with a pumice stone or an abrasive manicure file.


Collodion, Pyruvic acid, Turpentine, Lactic acid, Salicylic acid, Colophonium, Acohol, Aqua.


Packaging 5 g tube.