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Omron BF306 Fat Mass Meter

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Omron BF306 Fat Mass Meter - Medical Device

Omron is the BF 306 fat mass meter produced by the Corman SpA brand. The product is a CE medical device indicated for measuring and monitoring body weight , BMI (body mass index) and visceral fat. It represents a valid help to pursue a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Features The device is able to measure the percentage of fat mass of the whole body and calculate the body mass index (BMI). It has an additional function that graphically indicates the values of fat mass and body mass, with reference to the parameters of the World Health Organization. In addition, the device can memorize the settings of 9 users. 4-sensor impedance meter for hand detection. The result is easy to read. Omron is clinically validated, with documentation available.

How to use

Set your weight, gender and age. Proceed to measure standing with your legs slightly apart, holding the dumbbell at 90 ° to your body. Cod. OMBF306 "


Pack of 1 device.