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  • OTI Gamma Cantharis Compositum Drops 50ml -15%

OTI Gamma Cantharis Compositum Drops 50ml

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OTI Gamma Cantharis what is it for?

These drops are a homeopathic product useful for acute and subacute inflammation of the urinary tract with pain, spasm and inflammation, antibiotic., Thanks to its mix of natural active ingredients it acts by reducing inflammation.

How is OTI Gamma Cantharis taken?

Just take 1 drop every year for 4-6 times a day up to 10 years, after 10 years up 10 drops 4-6 times a day and that's it

Packaging and storage

OTI Gamma Cantharis should be stored in a cool place away from sources of heat and humidity, keep out of the reach of children.