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  • Oti Limphomioti Compound Drops 50ml -27%

Oti Limphomioti Compound Drops 50ml

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Limphomioti Compound Drops


Hypertrophy and lymphoglandular inflammation in general and in those of the Waldeyer ring in particular. Exudative and lymphatic diathesis, glandular swelling, tonsillar hypertrophy. Lymphatic edema (often due to post-operative obstacles to the outflow of lymph). Edematous manifestations of cardiac and renal origin, in neurodermatitis, dermatosis and in all phases of impregnation, degeneration and neoplastic. It is the lymphatic drainage par excellence, perhaps the only one capable of increasing the vascular lymphatic flow, removing the obstacles that can slow down its course (stasis, edema, lymphangiospasms) and connective tissue, channeling the interstitial fluid for a faster replacement. Thanks to this mechanism of action, Limphomioti allows the lymphatic vessels to receive the toxin excess stored at the mesenchymal level. The organic tropism of its components, mostly at low dilution (especially for herbal remedies), causes the drug to be active on multiple organs and tissues.


  • Teucrium scorodonia 4CH
  • Gentiana lutea 4CH
  • 4CH scrofularia
  • Smilax utilis 4 CH
  • Natrum sulfuricum 4CH
  • Thyroid 12CH
  • Myosotis arvensis 4CH
  • Geranium robertianum 4CH
  • Ferrum jodatum 12CH
  • Equisetum 4CH
  • Juglans 4CH
  • calcarea phosphorica 12CH
  • Fumaria officinalis 4CH
  • Aranea diadema 6CH
  • Pinus silvestris 4CH
  • Veronica 4CH
  • Nasturtium aquaticum 4CH
  • ana 1 ml. Ampoules: sterile physiological solution to taste at 100 ml. Drops: Alcohol 30% qs to 100 ml


1 vial per os, im, sc, ic 3 to 1 time per week, even for prolonged periods. 20 drops 3 times a day, even for very long periods