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Oticatal Comp OTI 20x2ml range

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Range Oticatal Comp OTI Homeopathic Medicine

Parapharmaceutical product used to support the metabolic reactions of our body.

The product is a device used as an energy support to relieve asthenia and corneal fatigue.

How does it work?

Alpha-ketoglutaric acid, aconite, citric, fumaric, oxaloacetate, malic and succinic are fundamental constituents of the krebs cycle, therefore their supplementary intake guarantees the normal functioning of energy production. Coenzyme A provides support to muscle tissue thus maximizing energy production. Magnesium, pulsatilla and sulfur regulate the intestinal flora as well as help the normal functioning of the immune system. Among other things, iron also reduces the incidence and development of anemia. Alpha lipoic acid reduces oxidative stress by protecting the cell from free radicals. Vitamin B1 and B6 support proper metabolic functioning. Vitamin C promotes the restoration of damaged cells.


1 vial 3 times a week for a maximum of 2 weeks.


Safe product, currently no cases of overdose intoxication have been reported. However, allergic reactions caused by the components of the product may occur. These can be mild and / or moderate: they consist of irritation and edema. Or they can be severe such as anaphylactic shock. In case of manifest symptoms, stop taking it immediately and contact your doctor.
Keep out of the reach of children under three years of age.


Pack with 20 vials of 2ml.