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Otovent 5 Balloons With Cannula

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Otovent 5 balloons

What is Otovent for

Otovent is a product for medical use, which must be inflated with the nose to normalize the ventilation of the middle ear which has failed due to inflammatory, physical or degenerative causes. The Otovent Method integrates the pharmacological, surgical, thermal therapeutic plan and the tubal re-education program set by the specialist, Otovent is calibrated to exert sufficient physiological pressure to ventilate the middle ear through the Eustachian tube.

When is Otovent 5 balloons used?

This product can be used for different circumstances, in children it can be used for a fairly common problem that is effusive otitis media, while for adults it can be an excellent support when you have the sensation of having muffled ears, moreover this device It is also very useful to perform continuous tubal gymnastics in subjects who practice diving.

How is Otovent used

Otovent 5 balloons is equipped with a nasal cannula that allows inflation through the nose, as the first thing to do the subject inflates the balloon with one of the two nostrils keeping the other closed with the hand, after which in the second phase the subject lets the balloon deflate balloon in the nose, inhaling slightly and trying and swallowing. The balloon must be inflated 3 times a day (morning, noon, evening), alternating the right nostril and one with the left, each balloon must be used for 3 days and is used to make 18 insufflations, after which the balloon loses its therapeutic efficacy and therefore it must be thrown.

What does the pack of Otovent 5 balloons contain?

Each pack contains 5 balloons and therefore allows a therapy lasting 15 days.

Possible contraindications and warnings in using Otovent 5 balloons

Before using otovent 5 balloons it is essential to perform an ENT examination that excludes the presence of ear pathologies, in particular it is important to exclude the presence of active infections and / or perforations of the eardrum. It should be noted that the supplied balloon cannot be replaced in any way with normal toy balloons because it is calibrated to exert a suitable and sufficient physiological pressure to open the Eustachian tube.


Otovent is sold in packs of 5 Balloons with Cannula.