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Ozovit Mp Pascoe Powder 100g

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Ozovit Mp Pascoe Powder Homeopathic Medicine

Ozovit Powder : medical device that contains magnesium peroxide (not less than 25% of MgO2) as an active substance, which develops oxygen in the gastrointestinal tract. This development of oxygen is accompanied by a notable reduction of intestinal germs which are present in large numbers in acute and chronic intestinal pathologies (dysbiosis).
Ozovit MP is therefore used in cases of gastrointestinal disorders caused by abnormal fermentation and putrefaction. Ozovit MP was found to be effective as a preliminary disinfectant of the intestinal tract in case of dysbiosis. In intestinal mycosis, a specific antifungal treatment should precede the use of Ozovit MP, since the activity on fungi and protozoa was found to be cytostatic.
Ozovit is a saline laxative with an osmotic action. Since the absorption of magnesium peroxide is difficult, it results in water retention and an increase in water in the intestinal lumen. The intestinal contents become more voluminous, with a consequent increase in peristalsis.
Ozovit MP is indicated in episodes of occasional constipation and as an intestinal evacuator before diagnostic tests or particular therapeutic treatments.


100 g contain: 100 g of magnesium peroxide.

How to use

Adults: 1 to 3 scoops of powder in water or fruit juice, 2 times a day 1 hour after meals.
In case of severe diarrhea, reduce the dosage or stop treatment for 2-3 days. Then resume administration at a lower dose.


Ozovit MP should not be used for more than a week.
Do not take in case of renal insufficiency and intestinal obstruction (ileus). Do not take in case of known hypersensitivity to magnesium peroxide. Do not administer to children and adolescents. In rare cases, severe diarrhea with intestinal cramps and loss of electrolytes may occur. They can be avoided by reducing the dosage.
Interactions with other medicaments: in general, in order not to jeopardize their absorption, an interval of 1-2 hours must be respected between the administration of Ozovit MP and the following substances: iron, tetracyclines, sodium fluoride, isoniazid, chlorpromazine and digoxin.
As with other laxatives, prolonged intake of Ozovit MP can cause loss of water, potassium and other salts, with consequent disturbances of heart function and myasthenia. For this reason, the duration of administration should be limited to one week.


100g pack.