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Physiogel® AIStiefel 50ml

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Physiogel® AIStiefel - Soothing Cream

Soothing moisturizer to be applied daily on dry and reactive skin, even with itching and redness.

Also suitable for babies, children and for the hydration of atopic epidermis.

Clinically tested by dermatologists.

Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.


The soothing CALMING RELIEF cream acts in a natural and gentle way on the skin, restoring the hydrolipidic barrier.

The advanced Physiogel BioMimic technology contains a soothing complex of essential lipids, similar to those naturally present in the skin, including Palmitamide MEA (PEA), which relieves associated dryness, itching and redness.

It protects against irritants that can worsen the condition of dry and reactive skin.

Proven results

  • Instant relief for dry skin.
  • Promotes lasting hydration that protects against recurring dryness.
  • Reduces the itching and redness associated with dry skin.
  • It makes the skin smooth and soft, giving it a visibly healthier appearance.
  • It does not contain preservatives, perfumes or dyes.

Stiefel: Science at the service of the skin.

For over 165 years and Stiefel laboratories have been passionately committed to advancing dermatological science and research around the world.

Thanks to the great ability to understand what you need, Stiefel laboratories have developed advanced technologies that allow people to have healthier skin.

Stiefel now puts its experience at your disposal to meet the daily needs of the skin.

The patented Physiogel BioMimic formula contains a dermo-soothing complex.

All CALMING RELIEF creams and lotions contain the advanced BioMimic technology, which act in a natural and gentle way and

  • Respects the needs of sensitive skin, fragrance-free, preservative-free and allergen-free
  • It soothes thanks to a patented complex of essential lipids.
  • Restores the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin.

How to use

Apply to the skin twice a day.
Avoid contact with eyes.
In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water.


50ml tube.