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  • Pic Solution Pic Insumed Insulin Syringes 0.5ml G30 30 Pieces -5%

Pic Solution Pic Insumed Insulin Syringes 0.5ml G30 30 Pieces

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Pic Solution

Pic Insumed

Insulin Syringes

Sterile and disposable with medium capacity Pic needle for your insulin injections. Also suitable for mixing different insulins.

They make your injections simple and above all not painful.

They offer you an almost painless injection, thanks to the triple sharpening of the Pic needle and the special processing of the tip. The Latex Free internal rubber inside the transparent, flat and triple contact cylinder, allows you a good seal both in the aspiration and injection phases and against the risk of allergic reactions. Furthermore, with the magnifying glass included in the box you can read the graduated scale effortlessly.
And again, all syringes are Zero-Space: the needle is fixed directly on the syringe body and the residual space where insulin may remain is eliminated, so that the amount of insulin injected is correct.
Last peculiarity? A stop device inside the cylinder, so the piston does not come out at the end of the stroke.

Format : 30 pieces, 0.5ml - Needle diameter 30G x 8mm