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  • Plasmon Apricot Yogurt 2x120g

Plasmon Apricot Yogurt 2x120g

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Plasmon Apricot Yogurt - Homogenized

* Homogenized with Pasteurized Lactic Ferments

Why choose Plasmon snacks?
Selected ingredients: only Italian apricots and South Tyrolean yoghurt **.
** with pasteurized lactic ferments

The snack designed for your child: Only Fruit and Yogurt Sugars. Source of calcium and vitamin C. Without dyes * and preservatives *. * As per law
The product must be stored in a dry place away from heat sources. If not completely consumed, the product must be closed, stored in the refrigerator and consumed within 24 hours. Product indicated starting from the 6th month, unless otherwise advised by the pediatrician. GLUTEN FREE.
Without dyes * and preservatives *, as required by law * Gluten free


  • For 6 Months.
  • Produced in Italy. Italian Apricots and Yogurt.
  • Only the sugars from fruit and yoghurt.
  • Complete Traceability from Field to Jar.
  • Guaranteed quality Oasis In Growth. Only Italian Apricots and South Tyrolean Yogurt.


Water, Apricot (25%), Yogurt (milk) (25%), Concentrated apple juice, Corn starch, Calcium lactate, Vitamin C.

Nutritional values 100 g

  • Energy 319 kJ / 75 kcal.
  • Fat, of which: 1.0 g, saturated fatty acids 0.6 g.
  • Carbohydrates (pd), of which: 15.0 g, sugars 9.0 g.
  • Protein (Nx6.25) 1.3 g.
  • Salt 0.04 g.
  • Calcium 60 mg.
  • Vitamin C 60 mg.


2 jars of 120 g.