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  • Pool Pharma Psyllo Mint Food Supplement 20 Sachets -12%

Pool Pharma Psyllo Mint Food Supplement 20 Sachets

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Pool Pharma

Psyllo Mint

Dietary supplement


  • counteracts the hypermotility of the terminal ileum, which causes accelerated intestinal transit (diarrheal alvo);
  • counteracts the hypersegmented peristalsis of the colon, which causes slowed transit and meteorism (constipation alvo);
  • increases the consistency of excessively fluid stool, favoring a reduction in the number of discharges;
  • it has a pro-anxiolytic effect, useful in irritable bowel, whose etiology often recognizes a "neurogenic" component.

How to use:
1 sachet 2/3 times a day dissolved in 200 ml of still water, half an hour before meals, for 4-6 consecutive weeks.
Take the product 1 hour before or 2 hours after any other medications.

given the presence of gastro-resistant and pH sensitive capsules of MenthaPiperita essential oil, it is advisable to avoid taking the product in association with antacids and antisecretive drugs).
In pregnancy: not recommended.

99% pure psyllium cuticle powder, peppermint essential oil in gastro-resistant microcapsules, intestinal release, with high, standardized menthol content.

20 sachets

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