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Potential N Beta 60cps

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Potential N Beta


1- Rebalancing the Central Nervous System:
- metals and amino acids with cerebral action with the contribution: of central nervous system regulatory trace elements such as cobalt, zinc and B vitamins,
- of plants: laminaria and fucus (very rich in amino acids); polyunsaturated fatty acids for the protection of neuronal cells.

2- Strengthening the general detoxifying action:
a) By stimulating the emunctories: liver, gall bladder, kidney, lung, skin, intestine,
- liver: raphanus niger, coarse currant, plankton, pirus malus, European olea, citruslimonum,
- gall bladder: raphanus niger, olea auropea, cerefolium sativum, laminaria,
- leather: olea borrago officinalis, olea , laminaria digitata, fucusvesciculosus,
- intestine: pirus malus, oryza sativa, sambucus nigra, European olea, gross currant, olea borrago officinalis, laminaria digitata, fucus vesciculosus,
- kidney: sambucus nigra, ananas sativus, apium sativus, cerefolium sativum, ribesgrossularia, oryza sativa, citrus limonum, olea borrago officinalis.
b) In cellular detoxifying action:
- iron: composed of cytochromes,
- zinc: composed of numerous enzymes: oxidoreductase and alcohol dehydrogenase, it allows the metabolism of vitamin A; Palm oil; fucus vesciculosus, laminaria digitata; yeasts.

3- By increasing general circulation:
a) controlling the acid-base balance guaranteeing the balance of the main functions of the organism (zinc) and controlling cellular exchanges (magnesium) with the protection of the vascular walls: fatty acids and with neuromediator amino acids,
b) providing anti-radical substances olea europea, pirus malus, algae: laminaria digitata (Mn, Zn, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B, fucus vesciculosus (Mn, Zn, vit. A, C), saccharomyces cerevisiae (Se) , plankton, zinc compound of the active site of SOD, antioxidant action of zinc on iron,
c) protecting cell membranes: fatty acids and photophores: algae and yeasts; borage and honorary oil.