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Primavera® Tea Tree 10ml

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Primavera® Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree or tea tree essential oil.

Distilled by steam current from the leaves of plants.


antibacterial, healing, antifungal, anti-odorant.


Some uses of tea tree oil: in case of rhinitis, sinusitis or cold, apply a drop under the nose. To combat sore throats or mouth infections, dilute 4-5 drops in a little honey, then dissolve in a glass of water and rinse. Dandruff and itchy scalp: add 3 drops to the shampoo. Insect bites: apply a drop or two and massage. For candida, herpes, mycosis and infections in general, use pure or diluted in oil.

It does not contain synthetic additives. Suitable for massages, in natural cosmetics, for flavoring food and in aroma lamps.


10 ml bottle packaging.