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  • Promoligo 8 Liitio PromoPharma® 20 Vials of 2ml -39%

Promoligo 8 Liitio PromoPharma® 20 Vials of 2ml

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Promoligo 8 Liitio PromoPharma® Gluten Free Food Supplement

Food supplement of trace elements.


PromoPharma was founded in San Marino in 1998 and is a company established to offer the widest range of effective and safe solutions in the field of "Sweet Therapies". The activity begins with the production of an innovative line of phyto preparations based on Amazonian plants, with the Ynkhas brand which arouses immediate interest for the originality and effectiveness of the plants used. Starting with a dozen references, the PromoPharma catalog now includes about 400 and the various lines (natural products, Bach flowers, food supplements, homeopathic products and bioenergy equipment) are linked by a specific thread: safeguarding health and well-being of the person in his totality and integrity, with the synergistic and integrated use of gentle therapies.

Promoligo line

Promoligo is a complete line of trace elements, including those formulated according to the theory of main diathesis, designed to provide an adequate supply of these important elements and to have an optimal coverage of all the functions of the organism and for specific needs. Minerals present in large quantities (for example calcium) and in minimal quantities (for example zinc); despite their small quantity, both in nature and in the human organism, these minerals play an important role in promoting the physiological functions of the organism. Gluten free.


4.7mg lithium gluconate in 5% glucose solution.

How to use

Fasting 1 to 3 vials by mouth by holding the liquid under the tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing.


Pack of 20 drinkable vials of 2ml.