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Pyrogenium 30Ch Boiron® Granules

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Pyrogenium 30 ch boiron what is it for?

Pyrogenium 30ch boiron is a homeopathic remedy traditionally used, according to homeopathic guidelines, for problems mainly related to some malfunction of the immune system, therefore mainly for inflammations and infections of various etiology, see below

High fever
Bad smell
Feeling of being hurt everywhere
Pain of various kinds
Symptoms usually tend to improve with heat (mainly due to summer weather) and with movement.

How is Pyrogenium 30 ch boiron taken?

The assumption varies according to the seriousness of the problem, if for chronic problems and acute problems, we see the 2 situations in detail:

- In the chronic phase it is usually recommended to take 5 granules at a time 3 times a day, always away from meals if possible or at least a quarter of an hour away from the meal.

In case of acute pathology, they are usually taken several times during the day at a close distance, usually you can get to take 2 or 3 granules every hour or every two hours.

In any case, it is advisable to ask your doctor or pharmacist for the most appropriate dosage for your needs.

The Boiron granules and globules should be left to dissolve in the mouth and if possible under the tongue (for children no problem even if they dissolve in the mouth and not necessarily under the tongue).

This is because the perlingual absorption is faster and the effect of the product is faster.

It is advisable to take homeopathic medicines at least a quarter of an hour before or after meals and preferably between meals.

It is also advisable to avoid taking the homeopathic remedy after eating foods or drinks with a strong flavor such as mint and coffee, because they could alter the sublingual absorption of the medicine.

No further precautions are generally necessary regarding food intake during a homeopathic treatment, however we recommend that you ask your doctor for further dietary precautions to be taken.

Format and correct storage of Pyrogenium 30 ch boiron

The product is sold in a 4 g tube format containing 80 ready-to-use granules, it is important to store the product in a cool place away from sources of heat and humidity, keep absolutely out of reach of children.