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R40 Dr. Reckeweg 100 Tablets

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R40 Dr. Reckeweg Homeopathic Remedy

Adjuvant in the treatment of diabetes mellitus

Method of use or dosage

In the treatment of acute morbid forms, administrations at short intervals of time have been shown to be most effective, particularly at the onset of symptoms. In general, doses of 2 tablets of the medicine are sufficient, while the average recommended normal dosage is 2-3 daily intakes of 2 tablets at a time: at each single administration of the preparation the stimulus to the intrinsic healing force of the organism is repeated.

In the case of chronic diseases, on the other hand, a more prolonged therapy is required. It is recommended to take 3 daily doses of 2 buccal tablets each. After obtaining an evident clinical improvement, the dosage will be reduced to 1-2 daily administrations which will be maintained for a certain period of time.


  • Acidum phosphoricum D 12
  • Arsenicum album D 8
  • Lycopodium D 30
  • Natrium sulfuricum D 12
  • Secale cornutum D 6


Pack with 100 tablets.