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Rebas D4 Sanum 10 Suppositories

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Rebas D4 Sanum Homeopathic Remedy

Rebas is a homeopathic remedy, belonging to the range of isopathic and immunobiological medicines, with immunostimulating action indicated in case of chronic or recurrent inflammations in the gastrointestinal, liver and tonsils.


Peyer's plaque extract D5: fundamental action in the immunological field as, located in the intestinal wall, they act as an immunological contact site with internally penetrated particles due to insufficient protection of the mucous membrane. These antigens can cause local or systemic reactions; they are absorbed by the macrophages of Peyer's plaques and subsequently excreted through the mesenteric lymph nodes, thus increasing the humoral defenses and stimulating the formation of T lymphocytes.

Extract of Peyer's plaques D4, mono-di-triglycerides, lactose.


It is advisable to insert one suppository a day, in the evening before going to bed.


Pack of 10 suppositories.