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Rock Rose Guna Drops 10ml

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Rock Rose Guna Drops Bach Flowers



Terror, "chilling" fear, panic situations.


Survival / Heroism


"I express my heroism in motion, I manifest my survival resources through action"

Rock Rose is the flower corresponding to those who, in the face of an emergency, are paralyzed by fear . More often, Rock Rose is the first physiological reaction we all feel in the face of a fearful and unexpected threat. This is because, in the wild, freezing at the sight of a predator is often a good strategy, as predators have a hard time identifying prey that isn't moving. We can therefore say that Survival is Rock Rose's innate resource . This strategy, however, becomes dysfunctional when it is perpetuated in a habitual state following the fact that it has helped us to survive, in fact, an important trauma.
Rock Rose then invites us to develop the virtue of Heroism , that is the ability to react to the stresses and challenges of life, in a way commensurate with their real entity. If staying still in front of a mad dog can be a good strategy, in fact, it is not paralyzing at the sight of a vehicle pointing towards us, as it certainly is not a silent scene in front of an examiner or a public. In this latter case, we're not even really risking our lives in fact.


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