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  • Salus Salusan Notte Food Supplement 250ml -17%

Salus Salusan Notte Food Supplement 250ml

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the active principles of some plants that are present in Salusan are known to act favorably on the physiological function of sleep, helping to define its quality. Particularly indicated in periods in which excess work and, generally, tension negatively affect the normal state of serenity.

How to use:
- tonic: adults: one measuring cup (20 ml) preferably after lunch and dinner.
- tablets: take 1-2 tablets without chewing, with a little liquid 2-3 times a day before meals.

Salusan makes 5 g of carbohydrates available for every 20 ml of product.
Each tablet makes 0.34 g of carbohydrates available.
It does not contain preservatives or alcohol, therefore it is recommended to keep the opened package in the refrigerator after use. Do not drink directly from the bottle. Shake well before use.

- tonic: aqueous extract of: passion flower grass, lemon balm leaves, rosemary leaves, lemon grass, wheat germs, barley germ, orange peel, valerian root, hops, horsetail, lemon peel, bearberry leaves, acorns. Honey, pear concentrate, natural essences, lemon oil.
- tablets: plant extracts of: valerian roots, passion flower, lemon balm leaves, hops; thickener: corn starch, cellulose; anti-caking agent: silica substance, magnesium salt; lupulin, valerian oil; cover: shellac.

Cod. 00010/00301