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  • Sanum Quentakehl D5 Homeopathic Remedy In Drops 10ml -18%

Sanum Quentakehl D5 Homeopathic Remedy In Drops 10ml

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Quentakehl D5

Homeopathic Remedy In Drops

Quentakehl is a homeopathic remedy, belonging to the range of isopathic and immunobiological medicines, indicated as antiviral in case of respiratory tract infections and as an adjuvant of mushroom preparations in viral infectious states of various causes.

It is recommended in viral infections, acute and latent, such as laryngitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, flu-like infections or as a synergist of other preparations based on mushrooms for: headache, dizziness, Meniere's Syndrome, Herpes zoster, chicken pox as well as in urinary tract infections and nephritis.


Penicillium Glabrum D5: antiviral action, it is obtained from the Penicillium Glabrum mold strain, it is not an antibiotic and does not contain penicilloic acid, therefore it has no side effects typical of this treatment.

Penicillium glabrum D5, double distilled water.


it is recommended to take 5-10 drops in a little water once a day before a meal.

As for the inhalations, it is recommended to take 10-20 drops 2-3 times a day by means of 10-20 deep inhalations.


10ml bottle with dropper