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Securtest Pregnancy Test Profar 2 Pieces

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Securtest Pregnancy Test Profar

Securtest is a safe and reliable self-diagnostic pregnancy test, developed and distributed by Profar.


The test is characterized by high sensitivity because, thanks to its formulation, it is capable of detecting the presence of a very important hormone, gonadotropin. The existence of this specific hormone in important concentrations in the female organism ensures the possibility of being pregnant. Securtest is therefore quite reliable and safe, but above all it is very easy to interpret the result.

How to use

Take one of the sticks contained in the Securetest package. Wet the stick with urine for about 10 seconds. Place the stick on a flat surface and wait for the result for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes check the test and verify the result that will appear in the window of the stick. The product is for single use only, cannot be used more than once.

How do you read the Securtest result?

In the window of the stick, check if two red lines or one appear. If only one line appears, it means that we are not expecting any children. If instead two red lines appear, it means that we are pregnant.


2 pieces.