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  • Sidea C Integrale Vitamin C OMEOSIDEA 10ml -15%

Sidea C Integrale Vitamin C OMEOSIDEA 10ml

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Sidea C Integrale Vitamin C OMEOSIDEA

Eliminates dull complexion, signs of fatigue and loss of tone from the face.
Prevents any skin discoloration, actively defends the skin thanks to its anti-oxidant, anti-free radical properties.
Accelerates scarring and fights any skin impurities.
Strengthens skin firmness by stimulating the synthesis of new collagen.
It improves cellular activity by increasing the elasticity of the skin.

How to use

Opening the product: after removing the white protective cap, without turning the bottle upside down, press on the red cylinder to release the pure vitamin C; let it rest for a minute; shake well; once the solution has been solved, remove the upper part and insert the soft dispenser on the bottle.
To apply, turn the bottle upside down and press on the dispenser.
Apply once, twice a day, on perfectly cleansed face and neck, tapping until completely absorbed.
It can be used throughout the year, alone or as a complement to the usual treatment.
It brightens the complexion by regulating the microcirculation (detoxifying action) and strengthening the walls of the micro capillaries (any redness is reduced).


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