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1 Piece Skudo®Wave Radiation Protector

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Skudo®Wave Radiation Protector - White Color

The Skudo®Wave nanoprocessor is inserted in an adhesive resin plate (16 mm in diameter - 3 mm thick) with an internal nanoprocessor; once the film in contact with the adhesive part has been removed, Skudo®Wave can be applied as desired on the mobile phone .

Only one device per phone is required. Skudo®Wave does not need maintenance or cleaning; if it detaches from the appliance, simply reattach it with any adhesive glue without the danger of reducing its effectiveness.

Skudo®Wave is a 100% made in Italy NANOPROCESSOR that DRASTICALLY REDUCES the RISK OF BIOLOGICAL DAMAGE to DNA CAUSED BY THE USE OF THE MOBILE PHONE without weakening the phone signal, without causing electromagnetic emissions and without interfering with the performance of the device on which it is applied. .


The International Cancer Research Agency (IARC), has DECLARED that the HARMFUL biological EFFECT of RADIOFREQUENCES ON THE CELL, when calling with the smartphone resting on the head, is CERTAIN. Since biological DAMAGE is the antechamber of health damage, that is, DISEASE, it is of fundamental importance to reduce it.


Skudo®Wave does not "cancel" electromagnetic emissions, but modifies them at a subatomic level so as to make them less harmful to health. Skudo®Wave is in fact a filter that, inside the equipment, operates at a sub-atomic level, correcting the disturbance generated by the altered energy state of the electrons that make up the equipment, altered due to the energy induced by the battery inserted into the phone extension.

SPECIFICALLY , the device "was found to be able to significantly reduce the genotoxic effects resulting from exposure to radiofrequencies produced by a cell phone, tracing the primary damage to DNA caused by the telephone in transmission to levels practically superimposable to those of the negative control" as ASSERTED AND DECLARED by the Department of PUBLIC HEALTH of the UNIVERSITY of Perugia.


Because, as also stated by the ISS (Istituto Superiore di Sanità), if this were the case, the damage caused by the battery would be even greater as it would force the mobile phone to continuously search for new cells to connect to, with a consequent increase in the "excitement" of the battery and therefore the intensity of the electromagnetic waves


The protective action of Skudo®Wave is effective on all electrical and / or electronic equipment (computers, TVs, appliances, video games, video terminals, wi-fi systems, etc.) that emit low-medium electromagnetic fields (up to 0 , 2 microTesla of magnetic induction and up to 100 V / m of electromagnetic field at all frequencies)


It is glued (diameter 16 mm, thickness 3 mm) wherever you want on the device. If it should come off, it can be reattached with any glue, without fear of altering its effectiveness. ONLY ONE device per appliance is sufficient. It does not need maintenance or cleaning, it does not emit electromagnetic radiation, it is non-toxic.


It is guaranteed for 2 years from application and at the end of its life cycle it can be disposed of like any other solid urban waste.


Pack with 1 piece.