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  • Solidago Compound OTI 20 Vials Of 2ml -16%

Solidago Compound OTI 20 Vials Of 2ml

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Solidago Compound OTI Homeopathic Remedy

Genitourinary preparation with anti-inflammatory and diuretic action

Therapeutic indications

Renovesical inflammatory diseases (cystitis, nephrolithiasis, glomerulonephritis), nocturnal enuresis, urinary incontinence, first stage of prostate adenoma, edema, excessive sweating, arterial hypertension. Eczema. Hyperhidrosis.

Important drug for the emunctorial activation of the entire genitourinary system (renal pelvis, ureter, bladder, urethra).

It stimulates the excretory function of the kidney and therefore represents one of the main draining remedies of all Homotoxicology.

It can be considered as a "natural diuretic" and can become part of all draining therapies, when the renal pathway is postulated as a way of toxin elimination.

Particularly indicated in oligouric patients or when, in the face of good renal function, it is desired to substitute the homotoxic load towards renal excretion.


Solidago 4CH - Berberis 4CH - Urinary bladder 8CH - Pyelon 4CH - Ureter 4CH - Uretra 4CH - Terebinthina chios 6CH - Mercurius corrosivus 6CH - Arsenicum album 30CH - Cuprum sulfuricum 6CH - Bucco 8CH - Hepar sulfur 10CH - Capsemale equiphon 6CH - Orthoset hyCH 4CH - Pareira brava 6CH - Cantharis 8CH - Apisinum 8CH - Baptisia 4CH - Natrium pyruvicum 10CH - Pyrogenium 200CH - Sarsaparilla 6CH - Colibacillinum 15CH - Coxsackie-virus 8CH - Argentum nitricum 6CH, ana 1ml.

Ampoules : sterile physiological solution to taste at 100 ml.


1 vial per os, im, sc, ic, 3 to 1 time per week.

As shock therapy or in acute manifestations

1 vial per os, im, sc, ic per day.


Pack with 20 vials of 2ml.