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Synthetic Ice Spray Farvisan 200ml

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Synthetic ice spray Farvisan Instant Ice

The Synthetic Ice Spray is a product made by the Farvisan brand. It is a class II A medical device.

Indications for use

The Spray Synthetic Ice is indicated to relieve and mitigate physical pain caused by trauma, bruises, falls, sprains or in all those cases where the pain requires cryotherapy and the application of cold. By cooling the injured part, an anesthetic effect is activated which accelerates the resumption of physical and sporting activity.


The Synthetic Ice Spray product consists of isobutane, propane, butane, menthol. It does not contain medicines or medicinal constituents derived from human blood. The product is latex, gluten and lactose free.


Store Instant Ice at room temperature, away from heat, flames or sparks.


Spray 200 ml.