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Tendo Suis Injeel Heel 10 Vials Of 1.1ml

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Tendo Suis Injeel Heel - Homeopathic Medicine

Adjuvant in the treatment of tendonitis; distractions and injuries of the tendons and ligaments.

HEEL Tendo Suis Injeel® 10 Ampoules is a homeopathic medicine indicated in case of tendon lacerations and tears, tendon gelling, tendonitis, muscle insufficiency.

HEEL Tendo Suis® Injeel 10 Ampoules is a remedy belonging to the category of pig organ preparations which are products formulated according to homeopathic rules and exert their action through immunological mechanisms; more precisely, they have their scientific basis in the Arndt-Schulz law of the inverse effect and in the homeopathic principle of “like”.
The remedy is used for the affections of the corresponding human organs (in the alterations at the cellular level).

Composition for 1 vial (1.1ml.)

Tendo suis (hom./anthr.) D10 0.367 ml., Tendo suis (hom./anthr.) D30 0.367 ml., Tendo suis (hom./anthr.) D200 0.367 ml. Power up together with regard to the last 3 levels. Other components: water for injections, sodium chloride.

How to use

1 vial 1 to 3 times a week, im, sc, id, ev
In acute, 1 ampoule per day.


do not administer during pregnancy and lactation.

The effectiveness of a homeopathic preparation can be adversely affected by the intake of spicy foods, products containing mint and the use of exciting substances.

The use of homeopathic medicines can temporarily aggravate ailments (initial aggravation). If this aggravation persists, you should stop taking (or applying) the product and inform your doctor or pharmacist.


Pack with 10 sterile vials of 1.1 ml. each.