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The Hwa Sigillo Oro Naturando 50g

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The Gold Seal Hwa Naturando Soft Ginseng Extract



Recommended for those who need those energy principles that help increase physical endurance, regain energy lost due to intense activity or seasonal changes.

Dosage and method of use

You can consume it directly or you can dissolve the contents of one or two scoops in hot or cold water.


100% pure Korean ginseng-based food supplement in soft extract.
Naturally balanced and complete with all the ginsenosides, obtained from the whole root.It does not contain gluten.


  • Adaptogenic effect: restores the body's homeostasis, reduces fatigue, strengthens physical conditions, improves the degree of attention and concentration, promotes purifying functions aimed at eliminating toxins and is a valid aid for the resolution of various ailments;
  • anti-stress and anti-fatigue action;
  • promotes the synthesis of DNA, RNA and proteins.

Available in 20g and 50g jars.


50 g jar.