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  • Thuya Occident 6lm Cemon 10ml -4%

Thuya Occident 6lm Cemon 10ml

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Thuya Occident 6lm Cemon Homeopathic Remedy

Medicinal product indicated in homeopathy due to its properties in the treatment of skin diseases and is a valid aid in the treatment of warts. In homeopathy it is used as a tonic capable of positively affecting the skin, mucous membranes and the central nervous system.

In addition to being indicated for soothing swelling of the palate, it is effective in curing migraines and headaches caused by stress or tension.

What is Thuja used for?

Thuja has a calming effect on the patient's mood: it has a relaxing effect in situations of tension, impatience and agitation, without however being soporific.

Indications of use of the thuja

The Thuja type is easily recognizable thanks to its clear and luminous complexion and suffers from skin disorders such as blackheads, styes, warts and moles.

It has a predisposition to the breaking of the capillaries. He experiences daily duties as a burden and therefore often appears tired and stressed.

Thuja is used according to homeopathy for the following main ailments:


Strong impatience

Pessimism and anxiety

Disturbed sleep at night

Bad headache

Tensions of the facial muscles that worsen when bending the head forward

Sudden attacks of migraine especially in the left side

Warts that flake easily

Many skin spots and moles

Brittle nails with cuts and lines

Very evident veins especially on the back of the hand, predisposition to varicose veins

Sweating accompanied by a very intense smell


Lack of appetite

Predisposition to polyps


Vaginal secretions

Abdominal and menstrual pains

Properties and therapeutic action of thuja

Thuja soothes irritated skin and helps with skin and mucosal problems.

This homeopathic remedy regulates the process of assimilation of liquids, also attenuating disorders and infections affecting the urinary tract and genital organs.

Thuja also has a sedative action on a psychological level.

Main fields of application of thuja

Thuja is a remedy in the treatment of warts, moles, skin spots, psoriasis, swollen glands and polyps. It is also suitable for dry hair and thin and brittle nails.

It soothes abdominal cramps and menstrual pains. Thuja, acting on the central nervous system, can be an excellent sleeping aid and calming for states of impatience and agitation.


10ml bottle.