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Timodore Deodorant Powder Doctor Ciccarelli 250g

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Timodore Deodorant Powder Doctor Ciccarelli Absorbent Anti-odor

What is Timodore Polvere used for?

The Timodore Deodorant Powder is the ideal solution to the annoying problem of excessive sweating and foot odor, particularly felt by those who practice sports. Thanks to its formulation based on Thyme Extract, it has dermo-purifying power, prevents and absorbs bad odor, helps regulate skin transpiration, keeping the foot fresh and dry throughout the day.

Deodorization Line. Deodorant Powder Absorbent And Anti-odor Action


Timodore Powder contains Thyme Essential Oil, effective in solving the excessive perspiration of the feet in a natural way.
It has a refreshing and disinfecting power. Prevents and absorbs bad odor, regulates the transpiration of the skin, keeping the foot cool and dry throughout the day.


Timodore powder has no age limitations, in fact it is suitable for sportsmen, boys, men and women of all ages. Depending on the subjective need.

How is Timodore Polvere used?

It is recommended to use it after a foot bath with Dr. Ciccarelli oxygenated salts , sprinkle the powder on the foot and between the toes, the inside of the socks and shoes every day.


Timodore Polvere is sold in packs of 250 g ready to use.