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Upsi® Crok Teknofarma 150g

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Upsi® Crok Teknofarma - Food Supplement For Dogs And Cats

Mineral feed for dogs and cats. Right amount of calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, D, C.

Food for dogs and cats useful in all cases where it is necessary to positively influence the formation of bone tissue: growth, fractures, osteopathies, prophylaxis of dental caries, pregnancy, breastfeeding.

In dogs and cats, the growth and formation of the skeleton take place in a few months with a consequent high need for specific substances, a need that is difficult to cover only with the diet. Deficiency syndromes are therefore easy (deformed limbs, enlarged joints, bad dentition, rickets). Upsi crok contains in the right proportion and in a digestible and assimilable form the active ingredients necessary for the formation of bone tissue. It therefore finds the best use in the forms of vitamin A and D and mineral deficiency, especially calcium, deficiencies that appear not only during growth, in pregnancy, breastfeeding, after fractures and in osteoporosis.


Dicalcium phosphate - Chicken flour - Precooked corn flour - Maltodextrin - Rice starch - Calcium carbonate - Sodium chloride.

Nutritional additives: Vitamins: E300 / Vitamin C, 20 g / Kg - E672 / Vitamin A, 500,000 IU / Kg - E671 / Vitamin D3, 100,000 IU / Kg.

Analytical components : Calcium (14.8%), Phosphorus (9.5%), Sodium (0.9%).

How to use


  • Small breed puppies: half a scoop per 5 kg of weight per day.
  • Medium breeds puppies: 1 scoop per 10 kg of weight per day.
  • Large breed puppies: 2-3 scoops per 10 kg of weight per day.
  • Adults: 1-2 scoops per 10 kg of weight per day.

Cats and kittens

  • Half a scoop per day.

One measuring cup corresponds to 2 g.


Vitamins A, D , C, precipitated dicalcium phosphate, sodium chloride, sterilized bone meal.


150g jar.