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  • Vanda 22 Granules 4g -5%

Vanda 22 Granules 4g

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Vanda 22


Homeopathic product used for allergies, dermatitis, asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, allergic rhinitis, urticaria,

How to use:
Typically 3-5 granules per dose. Follow the doctor's instructions. Hold the cap between your thumb and forefinger and point it down; turn the measuring cap. Every 1/4 of a turn a granule falls into the cap and a "click" is heard which allows the blind to dose the granules. If too many granules have been dosed, the problem can be remedied by turning the transparent cap in the opposite direction, holding it upwards. Removing the cap from the tube, it is brought to the mouth and the granules are dropped under the tongue. According to prescription, the granules can be dissolved in water. It is advisable not to touch the cap with your mouth.

dolichos pruriens D8, urtica urens D8, apis mellifica D8, histaminum D12, ledum palustreD8, ana ad 1% (g / g) per granules.