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  • Vanda Renine Vanda Compositum® Food Supplement 40 Capsules -15%

Vanda Renine Vanda Compositum® Food Supplement 40 Capsules

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Renine Vanda Compositum®

Dietary supplement

Adjuvant in the treatment of inflammation and infections of the uro-genital tract, gravel and bladder lithiasis. Promotes diuresis and kidney-bladder drainage. Useful in the treatment of overweight and cellulite.


Berberis vulgaris 8 DH, Solidago virgaurea 8 DH, Equisetum arvense 8 DH, Orthosiphon stamineus 8 DH, Rubia tinctoria 8 DH, Zea mais 8 DH, Betula alba 8 DH, Apis mellifica 8 DH, Hieracium pilosella 8 DH, Spireaulmaria 8 DH, Agropyrum repens 8 DH, Apocynum 8 DH, Scilla 8 DH, Uva ursi 8 DH, Foeniculum vulgare 8DH, Ruscus aculeatus 8 DH, Renes suis 10 DH, Vescica suis 10 DH, Asparagus officinalis 8 DH

Excipients: Sucrose 450 mg per hard capsule

How to use

sublingual use. Open the capsules, drop the blood cells under the tongue and dissolve them


Pack of 40 hard capsules containing blood cells