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  • Venoplant® Aesculapius Farmaceutici Gel Cream 100ml -13%

Venoplant® Aesculapius Farmaceutici Gel Cream 100ml

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Venoplant® Aesculapius Pharmaceutical Gel Cream For Microcirculation

Venoplant Cream Gel is a formulation containing principles of recognized vasoprotective action, effective in promoting a physiological improvement of the trophism of the microcirculation and of the capillary tone in case of swelling, heaviness, nocturnal restlessness of the lower limbs, edema of traumatological and orthopedic origin.

Venoplant Crema Gel contains a patented vegetable lipoprotein compound as an emulsifier: olivoil glutinate. This substance, derived from olive oil and wheat proteins, gives the cream gel excellent skin tolerability and effective absorption of functional ingredients.


Aescin, heparin and gotu kola are substances that have a vasoprotective action, they are effective in promoting a physiological improvement of the microcirculatory skin.


  • ESCIN It is the main component of the horse chestnut seed which, in many experimental models, has been shown to have properties capable of reducing the symptoms of venous disorders such as the sense of heaviness, swelling in the legs, pain and itching.
  • CENTELLA ASIATICA Centella asiatica is a medicinal plant known and used for a long time. It is rich in triterpene substances active on the venous circulation.
  • The triterpene fraction consists of substances that intervene in the control of the functionality of the microcirculation thus participating in the physiological drainage function of tissue fluids, whose stagnation causes cellulite, swelling and a sense of heaviness in the lower limbs.
  • MELILOT The flowering tops of this plant are used. They contain CUMARIN which promotes the reduction of edema from venous insufficiency.
  • HEPARIN It is a mucopolysaccharide and its use through the skin can help reduce the formation of hematomas and exudates due to trauma or venous circulatory disorders

How to use

Apply a light layer of Gel Cream to the affected area one or more times during the day.
Massage the area very gently until the Gel Cream has been completely absorbed.


100 ml gel tube package.