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  • Veratrum Album 30ch Cemon 10ml -8%

Veratrum Album 30ch Cemon 10ml

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Veratrum Album 30ch Cemon Homeopathic Medicine

Especially indicated to treat diarrhea due to food poisoning, characterized by very abundant, watery discharges, with rapid dehydration of the subject who feels intense cold and a tendency to collapse.

The remedy is also useful in dysmenorrhea, when cramping menstrual pains cause a state of fatigue, accompanied by vomiting, profuse diarrhea and cold sweats. Finally, it can be used in some episodes of spasmophilia, characterized by cramps and contractures, symptoms accompanied by a sensation of intense cold, a tendency to collapse, sometimes with the onset of diarrhea.

Psychological characteristics of the patient and appearance

The subject is fearful, easily frightened, has strong anxiety, as if he feels the threat of an imminent misfortune.

Characteristic symptoms and modalities

Prostration, weakness and a sense of freezing cold on the skin, the head seems to be surrounded by ice. Internal burning sensation that contrasts with that of cold on the skin and with cold sweats. Cramping abdominal pain accompanied by a feeling of numbness. Symptoms worsen in cold, wet weather and movement, improve in heat and lying down.


10ml bottle.